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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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well, you are in the cnn newsroom on this saturday. i am pamela brown. the man that stands alone the republican heap making part victory lap in washington, two weeks ahead of the state's primary. donald trump walking out to his very enthusiastic supporters at the spokane convention center a few minutes ago. donald trump's next stop on the canadian border, linden, washington. what is donald trump's message to the washington crowd now he is the only remaining republican candidate? >> he is right in the middle of
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going off on jeb bush and lindsay graham. this is a subject that came up subject when two former rivals of donald trump put out statements saying they are not going to support him and vote for him. right now donald trump, the last several seconds went off on jeb bush saying he is is low energy, he has no talent. he pointed this out and pointed it out yesterday that jeb bush and graham signed that loyalty pledge. this is what every candidate had to sign and it was a very big deal when it came out. the question is will donald trump sign the loyalty pledge. this is something he likes to talk about now on the campaign trail given that the trump movement is going. key figures in the republican party basically joining that movement. he is talking about that right now. earlier in the rally he was going after hillary clinton.
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he did last night. very harsh language directed at hillary clinton how she is an enabler of her husband's infi l infidelity and he again went after the former secretary of state talking about how he wrapped up the nomination essentially before she did. here is what he had to say. >> this wasn't supposed to happen today. after we won i figured i will stay home and take it easy. who would have thought this. trump wins before clinton. you know why? she can't put the deal away. we can. we know how the close the deal. she can't put it away. >> pam, that is pretty mild compared to what we heard last night. he also went after elizabeth warren calling her goofy and a fraud. it is an indication how the
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general election campaign will be tough and nasty as we saw in the go.p. primary. >> we are seeing trump turn to the general election. how does he balance that at this stage? >> well, it is interesting. he has been pivoting to the general election. not stylistically but donald trump has several thousand supporters already gathered here. the message he is starting to deliver is really targeted at hillary clinton. he is really focusing in on her. i think last night and today at the rally that jim is at is a preview of the general election fight we will see between hillary clinton and donald trump. it will be a very nasty election if donald trump's tone last night and this morning is any indication. donald trump said he would started acting presidential but we are not seeing shifts in tone. we are seeing a different take in the way that he is going
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after republicans. he is going after lindsay graham and jeb bush but when it comes to paul ryan he has been mild mannered, waiting to see if paul ryan is waiting to come around to his campaign. >> thanks so much. let's return to spokane and donald trump speaking line. >> have to use it when -- i will tell you what. it is the single cheapest investment we can make, our strong military. he was leaving and being interviewed. by the way, i don't want my generals on television being interviewed. i don't want it. i don't want it. let them be generals. you think general george patton was interviewed? we are going to strike the enemy from the front. two and a half days later we will strike them back here. on may 29th we are going to drop some bombs.
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the meantime the enemy turns out to be ten times tougher than we thought because they know our plan. we have to be unpredictable folks. we have to be unpredictable. it is so sad. i can just imagine guys like general george patton, general mcarthur, the great generals we have had over the years. they are spinning in their graves, you know. a little while ago president obama announced he is sending 50 men to iraq. he is sending 200 men. does a news conference. we are sending 50 men to iraq/syria. guess what? the number is so small, only 50. but these are really elite people. here is the problem. when you do that they have a target on their back. they have a target on their back. those people are being hunted right now. send thisem if you want to send them but keep your mouth shut. don't talk. politicians, they are all talk,
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no action. i guarantee you bobby knight would not be talking about it. coach leach would not be talking about it. they get the job done, folks. they get the job done. we are going to change things so rapidly. we have big, big -- we have a way to go. you have hillary, who has taken $90 million. she has taken -- and i would imagine things would be okay with paul ryan. we are going to see what happens. if he wants to meet, i will meet. the important thing is you folks. he will understand that. he does understand that. i bet if he had the decision to do again he would have done it the simple way, i would endorse trump. only one of my volunteers saying that. he is is a smart cookie, right. about you we are going to do things that are going to be incredible in this country.
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hillary, though, took $90 million. she has money from all special interests all over the place and she is going to win because the system is so rigged. bernie wins, wins, got no super delegates. the republican system is rigged but i did it by overwhelming odds. i won by so much. like the prizefighters when they knock someone out. i won by so much the bosses could not do anything. we won big. the last eight states have been incredible. indiana, wow! that was going to be the firewall, indiana. they were going to beat me and turn me back coach in indiana but it did not quite work out that way. we won indiana in a landslide. we won with women. i love. we won with women. we won with men. the men i don't care. about you we won with women in a
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landslide. we won with evangelicals, young, old, we won with highly educated, we won with the military, woowe won with the ve. this was going to be the firewall. >> you hear donald trump speaking in spokane, washington about his landslide win in indiana that made him the presumpive republican nominee. straight ahead now his nomination appears to be imminent the search for his running mate is on. ♪ uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪ does nobody use a turn signal anymore?
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donald trump hasn't chosen
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his own running mate yet but he knows who he wants hillary clinton to choose as her vice presidential nominee apparently. taka i listen. >> i just learned that crooked hillary, along with her friend. you know she has this goofy friend named elizabeth warren. she is on a twitter rant. she is a goofus. you ever see her? she is a basket case. goofy elizabeth warren. i think hillary should run with goofy elizabeth warren. i would love to beat them. i would love to beat them. >> warren responded by calling the goofy nickname weak. warren criticized trump. here is one of her tweets saying there is more enthusiasm for donald trump among the leaders of the kkk than the political party he now controls. that is one of the many tweets
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she sent in quick reaction to donald trump. joining me a donald trump supporter, the former political director of the reagan white house. this is sure to be an interesting discussion with you both. judge jeffrey, do you agree with him? is elizabeth warren the trump favorite for a clinton running mate? >> you are asking me? >> yeah. >> i am sure he would love to have them on there. i think maria would be a great asset. >> thanks, jeffrey. i wasn't born in this country so i can't. i am sure he would love to see elizabeth warren on there. >> as far as we know elizabeth
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warren has not come out to endorse maria, about ybut there list of names. let's look at the list and talk about it. newt gingrich, chris christie, sarah palin and john k asich. >> i think the probable is afraid of the possibility that donald trump will be president that we don't have to go to who the v.p. pick will be. i assure you america, that will never happen. you know in terms of the v.p. in all seriousness, i think that for democrats, the one thing that i think we would do a double take on is that if he ever chose a republican who was sensible and had foreign policy
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creds, who had broad appeal among they need to get more of in order to have a slight possibility of getting to the white house. about you it seems like everyone that fits the bill has run in the complete opposite direction of donald trump saying they would never support him or go to the convention or not back him and not vote for him or have said no thank you to the possibility of being on the v.p. short list. at this point, pam, there is nobody that the democrats fear in terms of a v.p. pick for donald trump. we are excited about this matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton. i am not saying it will be easy. i am not saying we should take anything for granted. we need to take him very seriously. we see 16 g.o.p. candidates who did not take him seriously and look where they are.
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we will focus on the issues that americans care about. i am confident january 2017 i will be inviting jeffrey to come to hillary clinton's inaugural ball. >> one thing we have learned is to never underestimate donald trump. do you agree with maria that essentially any of the people that would stoke fear in the democratic party, they are running the other direction and trump would not be able to pull them? >> no. i don't. but in my memory, the only person who ever helped a presidential candidate was lyndon johnson in 1960 who helped j.f.k. carry texas. for both parties vice presidential picks have not been making a difference. there have been positive ones and negative ones that did not hurt richard nixon or george
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h.w. bush. i am not sure a pick in itself will help. it is possible. chris christie could carry new jersey. i am not sure donald trump would not do that anyway. with elizabeth warren and the kkk, i believe elizabeth warren was a supporter of occupy wall street and so was david duke and i do not recall her denouncing that. >> be careful of what donald trump and their supporters wish for. i think elizabeth warren would be a powerful v.p. pick if not a surrogate and incredibly important voice with a progressive left. the one criticism we have now, but i don't think it will be a reality in the end, those are the ones with bernie sanders now that prefer him to hillary clinton. but in the end we are seeing the attacks that donald trump has now embarked on to elizabeth warren calling her goofy.
1:19 pm
that not only affects the progressive left and helping it mobilize for hillary clinton against donald trump, it also continues to mobilize women. without women and progressives and young people and hispanics, there is no incredible path for donald trump to the white house. >> i have so many more questions for you two and i am thrilled to know you will be am canning back later this hour on the show. coming up in the newsroom, tens of thousands left homeless as canadian firefighters battle a massive inferno that authorities say will double in size. a live report is next.
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breaking news here on cnn. in the case of the dangerous kingpin el chapo. today it looks like the wheels are turning to bring him to the united states to stand trial. we are told that he was moved early this morning from his maximum security prison to another prison close to the u.s. border. u.s. officials have been preparing for months to receive guzman. wanted on a long list of charges, drug charges, kidnapping and conspiracy to murder. turning now to a situation being
1:24 pm
called hell on earth. massive wildfires left more than 88,000 people homeless and it could get much worse. fires burning in an area as big as hong kong are expected to double today and the smoke is spreading all the way to the kennedy space center in florida. this is what it looks like from the international space station. who you are the weather conditions impacting the situation there? >> reporter: this is not ideal weather for battling a wildfire of this magnitude. hot, windy and dry conditions. you see the black smoke over there. we have seen a lot of these spot fires all day long. that is a forested area. the fire is burning away from the community but remains an unprecedented situation for the folks here in canada.
1:25 pm
under 90,000 under an evacuation order. some have gone to shelters. some are staying with friends and families and some are at hotels. in terms of the wildfire, it is going to go on for quite some time. the weather does call for rain or a 30% chance. that would be here in canada. but even if there is rain, the fire will rage on for several more weeks. >> do we know what caused the fire in the first place? >> that is a good question. the operating theory is that it started in the middle of the forest somewhere but something that investigators need to
1:26 pm
determine for sure. we are here along highway 63 here in the fort mcmurray area. people are still evacuating. a lot of people went north of the fire to camps. normally used to house people who worked in the oil industry. because they were running low on food and water and supplies, authorities thought it best to evacuate the people. double evacuation. there were 25,000 people who were living in the camps for several days and now they are in the process to get those people out. maybe about 15,000 left. still a number of people remain. >> horrible situation for them. thanks so much for that. a state that was an uphill climb now looks steeper for one presidential candidate. >> i am not a fan of hillary clinton. >> who will you vote for? >> trump.
1:27 pm
>> trump. >> trump. >> who are you supporting for president? >> trump. >> responses reflecting hillary clinton's impact problem in west virginia's coal country. how a hole she dug two months ago is proving hard to get out of. l. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back to the ne newsroom. it is a busy day for donald trump. he is speaking in spokane, washington. and also in linden, washington where the crowds are lining up to see him speak hours from now. as we know coal is king in west virginia. donald trump just fired a zinger at hillary clinton over her earlier comment to cut down on coal use. >> west virginia, i think we would have gotten 95% of the
1:31 pm
vote. the miners endorse donald trump. gave me an award as opposed to hillary that she wants to have all miners essentially fired. i don't think she will do well in west virginia in november. and then she went to apologize. you know apologies don't work because they know how you really feel. >> here is what hillary clinton said during a scene in town hall that got west virginia's attention. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and companies out of business, right, tim? >> that remark came back to haunt clinton on a campaign stop in west virginia. a coal employee asked how he can support her after what she said. >> i don't know how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant.
1:32 pm
i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time and i did put out a plan last summer. it was a misstatement. >> but many in west virginia are not buying it. let's talk about it with our political commentator. also politics director. great to have you three back on with us. as you heard clinton said the comment she made about putting coal companies out of business was taken out of context. how does she counter that and what did she mean when she said it? >> she counters it by doing what she did when she apologized for it saying it was taken out of context. i think she was saying where the country is going in 50 years, you know, the coal industry is going to be out of business.
1:33 pm
she wants to be there to help the coal industry transition or help to prepare for what is coming down the pipe without putting them out of business. she did misspeak when she said that. i think she will continue to talk about the issues. it will be difficult for her. the campaign knows west virginia will be difficult for her. a democrat hasn't won west virginia since the 0s. she is go to fight and compete for every vote. and this is what she is going to do to try to breakdown barriers and focus on economic prosperity for everybody, and donald trump who wants to build walls. >> reagan won by a landslide in 1980. partly because of reagan
1:34 pm
democrats. take a listen. >> i don't think we really had a strong president since ronald reag reagan. ronald reagan was not a genius but he surrounded himself with great people. >> i have been voting the last few years. nobody is going to help me no way. >> trump and the sanders, people don't feel like their voice has been heard. it is a crying out for let's get something done. >> you know how important those voters are. can they forge a coalition of like reagan did or do you think hillary clinton will keep them come november? >> i think he can.
1:35 pm
i was on cnn in the evening in the summer and they were covering a donald trump rally in a town in michigan. by chance my cnn colleague is from that area. not only the hall was filled about you that is a democratic area filled with union workers. there they were cheering donald trump. i do think that there is such a thing as trump democrats. this is reagan's deliberate approach. he declared to the "new york times" he was going to go after democrats and independents and did so. i think there are a lot of trump democrats out there. >> before we get too far away from west virginia, i want to talk about what trump said to west virginia voters recently, telling them to save their vote
1:36 pm
for the general election. we heard him tell the people in washington and other states around there to vote in the primary. and you know donald trump hasn't reached that 1,237 number. that hasn't changed. we are not going to have a convention battle. but you need to get there. there is a functional thing where you need to get the delegates. it is air time and attention. the same thing he has been doing throughout the primary. there is almost no reason for him to stop. i was laughing when clinton apologized to this coal miner. i was thinking how trump would handle that. i am not sure trump would have apologized or have been in a roundtable like that.
1:37 pm
but that is what he is up against. he needs the playbook that has worked out so well for him. >> what an interesting election year this has been. thanks so much to the three of you. tomorrow morning do not miss john mccain and sarah palin on state of the union. once they were running mates but will trump pull them apart. and coming up in newsroom, there is the immigration issue. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will. the wall just got ten feet taller, believe me. just got ten feet taller. >> and immigrants. >> when was the last time that you saw your mom and your sister face to face? >> about nine years ago. >> my heart just broke apart. >> heartbreaking story of
1:38 pm
families divided by the border. their emotional reunions next. but first. >> sports have always been a huge part of shawn's life. >> i started to play soccer and basketball in third grade. >> in 2007 when he was 1 1, a fall at lacrosse camp changed his life. >> my mom was very concerned i was not walking normally. she took me to the doctor. they suggested an mri. >> shawn had a type of bone cancer. the tumor was located in his lower femur, the distal part of his thigh bone right there. >> i had to grow up really fast. >> after three months surgeons removed the knee and it was an approach giving him the best chance of getting back in the game. >> all of the physical therapy
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it has been nine years in the making, a reunion that lasts just three minutes. one day a year custom and border patrol officials open up the gates for something as simple as letting children give their parents a hug. this is only the third time in history it has been done. cnn was there. >> here is an example that you will will see here of the
1:44 pm
patches made on the fence every night. >> every night. >> we get at least one attempt. >> you will see people trying to cut their way through. >> cut their way through. >> this is the u.s./mexico border. some call it a fence and others a wall. 46 miles along san diego and tijuana the barrier divides the two countries. one day a year for 20 minutes the door opens to both sides. >> 1986, 628,000 apprehensions in this area. like the wild west. >> back then, there were no barriers here. in 1994, this fence was built. four years later an 18-foot tall
1:45 pm
barrier was put up. >> the fence is not the be all, end all of the immigration problem. that seems to be a political issue. but for us it allows us to do our job more effectively. >> nobody expected this. they started to cross in more dangerous areas. instead of one or two people dying a month it was per day. >> that is when he founded border angels. the latest initiative is childrens day at friendship park. >> the heart and soul of this immigration issue. w you don't practice human rights by putting up a wall. >> customs and border protection agreed to open the door. this year six families were selected to reunite with no barriers between them for three minutes each. >> when was the last time that you saw your mom and your sister
1:46 pm
face to face? >> about nine years ago. >> gabby came to the u.s. undocumented when she was 8. today she lives in california legally thanks to a temporary work permit. her mother and sister only have mexican citizenship and have been waiting to enter the u.s. >> when i last saw them i was 16. now i am a mom. i have my family. we are ready. as i was walking there, it felt like forever. >> did they look different to you? >> just my mom. i kind of pictured her as i last knew her. now i see her in a different
1:47 pm
way. it is not the same picture. but it is the same connection that we have. the my heart just broke apart because i just left them again. >> in the time that it took you to watch this story, that is the same amount of time gabby had to see her family. >> that is so incredibly emotional there. in the meantime, we know immigration is on the mind of the presidential candidates as they weigh one of the most important decisions on the campaign, who will be their pick for vice president. >> you are rumored to be hillary's v.p. pick. do you feel a lot of that focus is mostly on demographics or on policy? >> is ethnicity more important than experience and will latinos care? we will discuss up next. s keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back.
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there is no sure fire resume for a vice president. but one qualification may be more important than others. both parties want the votes. castro's name comes up as a possible running mate.
1:52 pm
>> you are rumored to be hillary's v.p. pick. do you feel that is based on demographics or policy? >> i don't believe that will happen. i will let the speculation belong to other folks. i am going to just keep doing what i am doing and making sure that i am doing a good job. >> on the republican side the name you will hear is martinez. a resume in a swing state making her a top choice for vp. do you really think latinos, people like castro will vote for a president because their running mate is hispanic like castro? >> i think we have to give them a lot more credit than assuming
1:53 pm
they will just vote on demographic lines. his personal story is one that resonates with a lot of latinos. he has texas roots. his grandmother was an immigrant from mexico looking for a better life. his mother was a well known social activist. he was the mayor of san antonio. he has been progressive on issues, putting forth new recommendations and guidelines for people with criminal records, they are looking for housing and he has made homelessness a top item in his agenda and he has been progressive when it comes to lbgt rights. there are interests beyond his demographics. >> let's look at the tweet that has so many people talking. this tweet from donald trump
1:54 pm
thursday saying happy sink oeci ma mayo. i love hispanics. did he further alienate hispanics with that tweet? >> this tweet fell very flat. at best considered pandering and worst insulting to a lot of people in the latino community. the people have not forgotten a lot of the rhetoric that donald trump started his campaign with calling mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. eating a taco bowl will not change that. >> do you think if donald trump does pick a hispanic as a running mate that could influence some of the hispanics that would not vote for him? >> no. the majority of latinos are democrats anyway. marco rubio and ted cruz did not
1:55 pm
have the latino voters. there are republicans that are latino. that is not your core vote. i don't think you are going to see a lot of latino republican candidates, whether it is a vp pick for donald trump or the two running for president who use politics as a way to connect with the vote. >> you write about the lack of latino leaders. do hispanics want or lead a national leader in your view? >> i think part of the challenge with getting a national leader, when we think of it, it is a monolith, one of the most diverse communities out there, people from all different parts of the world, you have mexican-americans. sort of the idea that there is one figure that could embody
1:56 pm
that. i think it is a real challenge. we are seeing this with the black lives matter movement. there is not a desire to have a figurehead like there were back in the 60s. i think you are seeing a lot of development in local politicians who are getting groomed for bigger positions. >> thank you so much for that. we appreciate it. the election cycle, nothing is certain. we can all agree with that. coming up we will look at four wild cards that could sway the election in november. stay with us. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky.
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welcome to the cnn newsroom. i am pamela brown. first up donald trump takes a victory lap all the way to the pacific northwest. his first campaign in washington state and this is where he is due next. a fairground not far from the canadian border, the town of linden, about an hour from


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